10 tips for your weekly self-care

18 November 2020

‘Self-care’ an expression that is propping up regularly, we all by now realize that we need to make time for it… yet why is it so hard to actually make time for ourselves, and prioritize ourselves? It is true that in order to be on our best form for our family, our work, and our friends, we have to first make sure our own personal needs are also met. Do remember, self-care is not selfish! This is where so many of us get it wrong and end up not putting it at a top priority.
So we thought we’d share 10 helpful tips to help take better care of yourselves.

  • Eat right - Wellness starts from the inside, so be sure to look after yourself by watching what you consume. The best way to ensure we eat a healthy and balanced diet is to plan your menu for the week beforehand, allowing you to ensure it has all the healthy essentials, and that way avoiding a last-minute rush of grabbing the first thing at hand for your lunch or snack.
  • Snooze more - Try to get a few more hours of quality sleep. In order to tackle your busy days, you need to feel rested and ready to face the new challenges each day brings. This could mean just switching Netflix off an hour earlier and listening to some calm music to fall asleep to. Try using some soothing Lavender essential oil to help relax you before bed and be sure to switch your phone into night mode, or even better, leave it outside of your bedroom.
  • Unplug - Take some time out. The world feels chaotic right now, and if you are not careful, you can spend our whole day digesting news and digital information without ever taking a break. At least once a day try to shut yourself off from screens and take some time to relax and enjoy nothing but the company of your mind.
  • Move your body - Exercising, dancing, running, or simply going for a brisk walk make wonders to your energy levels. It is essential to move your body each and every day! If you start feeling stuck at your laptop and unable to concentrate, just pick yourself up and do some exercise for 15-30 minutes, and it will make a world of difference to your day.
  • De-clutter - When you clear up your space and your surroundings, you clear up your mind Keep your day-to-day spaces clean, tidy and organized, and you will see how that creates space for new things and new ideas. Leave space for the energy toflow!
  • Get creative - Make some time for creativity to exercise that part of our brain that is often neglected. Taking a little time each day for drawing, painting, knitting, coloring or something similar can do wonders for your mind, allowing you to forget our worries and concentrate on the task at hand.
  • Learn to say no - It happens to the best of us. We agree to do a million things in the space of day, because we are often reluctant to say no, and disappoint people. Well here is a news flash for you - It is not all your responsibility! You have a right to say no to people to protect ourselves and our boundaries. So don’t be afraid to say NO and put yourself first sometimes.
  • Spend some time alone - Even if it’s just to take a 10-minute walk outside or a short meditation, do not underestimate the importance of spending a little bit of time each day by yourself.
  • Make time for the people you love - Even if we are not currently able to get together with all the friends and family that we would like to see, make a little time each day to call or write to the people that matter to you. Speaking with the people you love, will always lift your spirits up and motivate you.
  • Pamper yourself –Not least of all, be sure to take the time to pamper yourself. A massage combined with a lovely organic face mask at home while you are relaxing will also make the most positive difference to your skin and your mood.

Remember self-care is healthcare. Your mind, body and soul will be thankful for a new focused routine.

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