Earth Salutation flow: Invigorating and Grounding 🌍💚

04 April 2022

Join us in an invigorating and grounding Earth Salutation.
Devised by Estelle, our Earth Kiss ambassador, the salutation flow is as follow:

Cat pose, to awaken spine and connect with base chakra to ground to earth to feel safe, centred and secure Cow pose, to open heart to the sky and begin the beautiful wave of awakening energy as you flow between cat and cow pose.
Child’s pose, to begin to circulate the invigorating energy to the hips and the whole of the legs to prepare for downward dog.
Downward dog is the beautiful inversion of our earth flow, when we see the world from upside down it helps us to reset and grow it also has magical benefits for the heart as the heart can take a little rest when the head is below the heart.
Plank helps us to cultivate strength from the earth, our hands and feet are connected which helps bring an inner strength to the heart as well as a deep connection to the core.
Three-legged dog, allows us to build strength so we can be true warriors of the world and when we start to bring the knees to the shoulders, this is creating a beautiful bond between the lower and upper body, you are working in union with you!
Crescent moon, allows you to further open hips while also shine your heart to the sky helping release through the shoulders so you will feel less stressed, and any feeling of anxiety literally melts away to the sky.
Lunge Twist encourages detoxification. When you twist in this way, it creates an intra-abdominal compression, and the digestive organs experience fresh blood flow rich in oxygen and nutrients so is fantastic to boost immunity.
Grounding back to Child pose at the end of the flow helps you absorb all the gorgeous energy you have created and maintain that deep connection to Mother Earth.
Repeat the flow three times.
Namaste from the Earth Kiss family x

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