In the stars: The perfect mask for your star sign

19 December 2022

With a new year comes new wellness and beauty routines. And in 2023, it’s time to step up our self-care routine and implement a regimen that speaks to us on a soulful level.

According to the ancient art of astrology, your perfect mask for this season is written in the stars and awaits your fundamental astrological connection.

As we close the book on 2022 and start afresh in the new year, Montagne Jeunesse is here to unlock your Venus and discover which of our pore-busting and skin-smoothing face masks is perfect for you.


You’re learning how to stand out this year - you’re ambitious! You’re creative! You deserve to be recognised!

Celebrate your bonds in 2023 and lean on others and let them lean on you. Feeling in control, supported, valued, and understood by people you care for is as good as it gets in this life.

2023 starts with an overhaul of your skincare. It’s okay if everything needs to be replaced.

Our 7th Heaven Glitter Peel-Off Mask – our prettiest peel-off yet - will mean you won’t miss the oldies you tossed. Get super sparkling skin while peeling away dirt and dead skin cells.

Our eco-safe glitter and antioxidant-rich Pomegranate, Blueberries and Cranberries deeply cleanse and leave the skin looking radiant. Use regularly for a dazzling, glamorous complexion. And trust that people are watching while you shine bright like the star you are!


Like their celestial spirit animal, Taureans enjoy relaxing in serene environments, surrounded by soft sounds, soothing aromas, and succulent flavours. Any physical manifestation of comfort and luxury enchants these cosmic oxen. Pleasure is a necessity, and they feel most content when pampered.

You are a deep thinker already, but 2023 will bring an even more rounded and deep-reaching scope to your level of personal insight, self-awareness and intuition.

Whatever you can do to take care of yourself while keeping up with prioritising your routines – do it! It’s about finding time for that blissful ‘all about me’ moment when you feel your tired skin soaking up the rejuvenating nutrients of your favourite facial mask.

Earth Kiss is the perfect option for anyone looking to chill out while treating your skin to potent hydrating and calming ingredients.


If you’re not careful, your anxiety will be high due to all the extra work landing on your plate. Try to decompress to avoid total burnout during all of Mercury’s moonwalks this year. Take breaks throughout the day to hydrate, meditate, do breathing work, and stretch throughout the year to unwind.

You’re stepping into 2023, fully loaded and ready for action. And that’s good news because you’ll be getting lots and lots of your favourite thing this year: attention. You want to catch up, get out there again, see the world, have adventures, and make memories.

Lovingly and expertly infused with aloe vera for its superior skin-soothing and softening effects, plus Dead Sea salts to purify and polish your complexion, our Million Year Clay Purifying Biodegradable Bamboo Sheet Mask is the closest thing to magic you’ll find.


It’s time to get deep! Treat yourself throughout the year to facials that detox and exfoliate your skin.

Watch for tender and tearful moments during this year’s 12 full moons and blue moons. Let it all flow out, and don’t hold back the tears. This process will be super restorative and transformative to your skin and wellbeing. Learning a new activity such as yoga, martial art, and meditation might catch your interest.

You’re at your best when leaning into your hard femme vibes, so amp up your home spa experience with our Renew You Pure Indulgence Gift Set (£17.99). It features a wide variety of products to cleanse, condition and truly treat skin, from CoQ10 enriched Gold Radiance Eye Masks, activated charcoal Detox & Replenish Hydrogel, Collagen Cream mask, Deep Pore Cleanse Mud and Charcoal Blackhead Detox Peel-Off.

Rejuvenate and help to prevent sagging skin with our second skin 24k* Gold sheet mask. Infused with powerful Amino Acids to support natural skin function and moisturise, your skin will be left feeling tighter and looking radiant with new vitality. What’s not to love?


You’re searching for a unique beauty regimen, and the quest will lead you towards holistic solutions tailored to your personal needs.

No matter how far-fetched a desire might seem, it merits your focus and energy. Your heart wants what it wants, and you need to honour that. When you do, the universe will meet you halfway. You are making a long-term future and working out the steps to get there. It’s all becoming clearer to you: what you want and how you have to manoeuvre to get it.

Nobody deserves a long and luxurious bath, complete with a hair and face mask, as much as you. Find ways to treat yourself like gold at home when you feel drained in the outside world.

You may opt for our nourishing Avocado Clay Mask. A rich, hydrating clay loaded with exfoliating walnut, softening avocado and juicy aloe vera. Our avocados will keep you on your toes, feeling hydrated, infatuated and maybe even vindicated. We can’t lie – it’s powerful stuff. This mask also contains finely crushed walnuts to softly exfoliate whilst boosting the skin with a taste of true hydration and purity.


Take some of the love you’re giving others and apply it to yourself. Self-love is the vibe and theme that will consume your heart for much of ‘23. Go ahead, boost your confidence. Most importantly, to help yourself set and keep boundaries with others (and in everything else you do this year).

Deep breaths, Virgo, because this year likely won’t be one for the highlights reel. That doesn’t mean it’s terrible - just about slow change and personal growth – and a clean slate for 2024. You are entering a life-changing year, one in which almost all aspects of your life shift in some way and it’s all to get you to a better position, shedding the old and negative so you can take in the new and positive.

It could be an excellent time to cleanse to the core with rich Red Earth Sauna Clay and pressed Jasmine. Relax as our self-heating face mask opens pores, clearing excess oils without drying.


Changes are headed your way in 2023. The past few years may have taken you far from your goals, but now you’re centring your energies around integrating self-care into your daily routine.

It’s time to recalibrate and reboot your outlook and energies. Be bold, brave and hopeful. Be optimistic. Life will pick up a renewing flow that keeps boredom at bay and makes every day fascinating and full of potential.

Take a restorative bath or plan a spa day to relax and loosen up during Venus’s backwards journey, which begins on July 22 and lasts until September 3.

Bubble up your skincare routine with our trendy Bubble Tea mask powered by the exotic, calming skin saviour Centella Asiatica, AKA - Tiger Grass, and soothing Green Tea. This unique maskin' treat begins to bubble and foam when applied to deeply hydrate thirsty skin while gently cleansing your pores to remove excess dirt and oils.


You may feel that others aren’t noticing or giving you much attention. Therefore, it’s time to make a big statement.

This is Scorpy – ditch the impostor syndrome and act like you deserve a seat at the table. You’re manifesting shake it all up- vibes, urging you to escape old routines, rituals and ruts. Deliberately change your daily routine, start small and work up to bigger things.

What has worked well for you in the last few years is starting to wear thin, look frayed around the edges, and just doesn’t make you thrum like it used to.

So, stay in the Pink with our protecting 7th Heaven Pink Cactus and Clay Peel-Off Face Mask with Pulped Pomegranate to Remove Unwanted Oils and Protect the skin. A unique blend of fruit and flower extracts mixed with Pink Clay's detoxifying powers will have your skin begging for more.


Life’s too short to play cool. It’s time to get physical in 2023, Sag! Pilates, barre class, or walking outside will help you align your body and spirit. It’s all about relieving the stresses building up within your mind.

The theme of 2023 will be 'clear out.' The Universe will conspire to draw your attention to things, roles, people, situations, commitments or habits that you’d do well to release and move on from.

You are ruled by Jupiter - planet of abundance and fortune. You sparkle! You don’t need much else when you’re brilliant, confident, and genuine. You’re feeling more and more like yourself, stepping into your power, and your smile is your best accessory. Keep your beauty look minimal and play up your most joyous features.

Say goodbye to impurities with the 7th Heaven Stardust Stellar Black Diamond Easy Peel-Off Beauty Face. Infused with activated charcoal, a combination of kaolin and black clay and a sprinkle of biodegradable glitter to deeply cleanse.


Fortunately, 2023 inspires you to take bold creative leaps in your choices. When your planetary ruler, Saturn, enters visionary Pisces on March 7, you’ll toss out your basic products and replace them with something much more sensual.

You could wear nothing on your face as long as you’re confident. It’s time to show up like it’s your shot at the person you think is the love of your life. Brightening, nourishing and firming.

It’s time to immerse your senses with our 7th Heaven Easy Peel-Off Face Mask with Pressed Rose. A perfectly precious blend of softening rose, purifying white tea and balancing moonstone (that's right. a gemstone!). This little treasure of a peel-off mask will help cleanse, tone and purify, leaving skin feeling heavenly and marvellous!


Savour this blissful period by carving out private time à deux. Prioritising closeness will keep the good times rolling.

Prepare to be pressure-tested in 2023, but it proves to be an empowering, clarifying and strengthening process. You’ll have a drive as you’ve never felt before, and you’re ready to get whatever you want. It’s time to find the most approachable way to start fresh and glow.

The 7th Heaven Renew You Deep Pore Cleanse Mud Mask gently draws our impurities, leaving skin visibly smoother and brighter. As well as Lotus blossom, Renew You Deep Pore Cleanse also contains a host of natural ingredients: Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, Dead Sea salt, Willow bark extract and Kaolin clay. Liquid crystal technology has been used in creating our mask to aid the rehydration of your skin.


This new year will urge you to embrace your glamorous side. People will be drawn to your magnetism and allure throughout the year.

Honestly, there’s just nobody like you, Pisces. And this year’s astrology teaches you to double down on that without holding back. It’s time for people to get to know the real you - cute and sweet, confident and chic.

To stay successful over the long run, implement routines that you’ll have an easy time sticking with, day in and day out. Come up with a few things you can commit to, like using the 7th Heaven Manuka Honey Hair and Root Rescue Mask.

Our golden manuka honey (nature’s pure miracle nectar) and nourishing Abyssinian oil rich in Omega 3 goodness deliver nutrition to the roots of damaged hair in this rich, velvety mask. A deep therapy mask that envelops hair follicles to repair and strengthen intensely, making it radiant from root to tip.

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