Kick Start the New Year with Younger Looking, Healthier Skin

17 January 2021

There’s something inspiring about starting a new year with a fresh start, kicking old bad habits and focusing on a healthier lifestyle which makes lasting positive changes in our lives. One of the most common bad habits to kick are cigarettes. Every smoker is pretty well acquainted with the fear that comes with quitting smoking, but don’t let fear stop you! Focus on the rewards that quitting brings, not just for your lungs and circulation, but also for your skin.

Smoking seriously impacts the skins ability to repair itself, which is why many smokers tend to look older than their years. Smoking can lead to all kinds of unsightly creases and wrinkles, this is because the smoke can damage our collagen and elastin, and that’s what keeps our skin looking firm and supple. You can also get lines as you repeatedly place the cigarette between your lips, sometimes to one side only.


Although your skin may never fully recover and return to its original pre-smoking state, most of what is damaged CAN be vastly improved with the help of a good skincare routine. So, to compliment stopping smoking, our Earth Kiss Brightening Mud Mask and Hydrating Sheet Mask will be the perfect companions to a new healthier skincare regime, and here’s why…


Step 1:

After cleansing, start your skincare routine with the Earth Kiss White Clay & Aloe Vera Brightening Mud Mask, this mask will help to refresh, brighten and purify the skin, while providing vital microelements to help with renewal. Using a mud-based mask helps the skin to become better prepped to receive hydration, which results in better nourished, and a more radiant complexion.


Step 2:

Following the mud mask, apply the Earth Kiss Miracle Clay Hydrating Bamboo Sheet Mask. Keeping skin hydrated helps fine lines and wrinkles look less visible, this is because water is responsible for skin smoothness and elasticity. There’s plenty of things that can help with anti-aging, but water is definitely key!


If you’re ready to help restore your skins natural radiance, you can purchase the Earth Kiss Miracle Clay Hydrating Bamboo Sheet Mask and Earth Kiss White Clay & Aloe Vera Brightening Mud Mask on

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