Self-care is health care

19 December 2022

Healthy, not perfect, is the new skincare mantra, as consumers prioritise care for the long term over short-term beautification.

Now that the face masks have come off and life is steadily returning to normal, we have a new relationship with the faces we see in the mirror.

Mindful beauty has swept the beauty landscape along with a return to comforting, nurturing, heritage ingredients and a more holistic approach to our everyday routines. From cleansers and masks to bath and body favourites, rituals that combine ‘slow beauty’ with mindful gestures, breathing techniques and meditation help you glow from the inside out.

Holistic beauty methods are essential to maintaining overall health and detoxifying the mind and body - not just our skin. They positively influence our self-esteem and confidence, add a spoonful of love and innate happiness, and equip us to deal with whatever life throws.

Skin as a barometer of wellbeing

Skincare is probably one of the most essential parts of a wellness routine because so much about our skin affects our emotional state. When you feel good, you do good!

Your skin is just as alive as the rest of your body. Everything you do to care for yourself is reflected in your skin.

Gone are the days of contouring, layering, and piling on cosmetics and makeup. These days it’s all about approaching beauty in its entirety, under the spectrum of food, fitness, well-being, sleep, and cosmetics.

The truth is your overall health and habits play a massive role in the health and appearance of your skin and how you feel in general.

It has never been more important to carve out pockets of devoted time to return to our understanding of self and restore balance.

A Global data report shows that when purchasing beauty products, consumers hold a more holistic perception of wellbeing that spans both physical and emotional aspects. 74% of global consumers are concerned about stress and anxiety, while 76% are concerned about tiredness and fatigue.

Come back to nature

Essential nutrients, herbs, flowers, and much of what nature offers all help to improve your wellbeing. And Earth Kiss provides a range of vegan, certified organic products based on a home wellness retreat designed to maximise the health and vitality of your skin, body and soul.

A conventional product infused with chemicals feels harsh on the skin and causes inflammation and irritation. It also impacts the environment and increases carbon footprint. Switching to sustainable, holistic beauty products isn’t just beneficial for the environment; being free from harmful chemicals & preservatives and with no fragrances also makes it the ultimate superfood for the skin.

Our skin tells us a lot of information and communicates with us all the time, like when we’re tired or not drinking enough water or have food sensitivities. It’s so easy to see a bump or redness appear and want to attack it, remove it, get rid of it, or hide it. But the more you approach your skin with curiosity, patience, and tenderness; you can learn a lot. It’s important to think beyond just the surface-level expression of health to a whole-body experience.

Mask ’n’ Meditate

Speaking of listening, you can now join the thousands worldwide who turn to our Earth Kiss Experience app to Mask ‘n’ Meditate. We believe that skincare is a perfect place to start improving your well-being, and you can now nourish your skin and nurture your soul with bespoke sounds to match your intentions. Why not designate a 30-minute block to pamper yourself and soak up all the stress-relieving goodness of our Super Naturals Kombucha & Spirulina Hydrating Sheet Mask – a fantastic ally in achieving one’s beauty goals?

Mindful skincare is a simple but powerful concept. It is about being aware of the condition of your skin and how it feels - listening to it, respecting it, and cherishing it. It is about being completely honest about what works and what doesn’t. It is about finding the connection and balance between products, lifestyle, and diet that works for you.

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