Serious R&R with an at-home spa

05 January 2023

Ever considered creating an at-home spa that will give you access to a personal oasis without breaking the bank? Thanks to Earth Kiss, pampering your body, mind, and spirit ceases to be self-indulgence.

Plans are made to be broken, right?

That’s what we tell ourselves as we reset the alarm for 45 minutes later, replace shower-fresh hair with dry shampoo and give our gym membership yet another day off.

It’s not that we enjoy this half-hearted attempt at life. Sofa life over exercise was not part of the grand ‘new year, new me’ plan. It’s just…well, this week has already been ruined by a careless start, so we may as well start on Monday.

Enough is enough. If you really want to be the best version of yourself and, by extension, be the best for those around you, it’s time to bring self-health and wellness into focus. Not next week, month, or year. Right now.

Alright, fine - tomorrow morning, then.

As big proponents of self-care, we understand the importance of taking some "me" time, and one way to do that is with a spa treatment.

Granted, without certain facilities and therapists, a home spa set-up can never replace the real deal. Self-care is often packaged and sold as expensive investments. But in reality, self-care is simply making a conscious decision to spend time on yourself.

It’s time to pamper yourself without paying for it. To seek comfort in the control of a beauty routine. Nothing is stopping you from creating that zen spa day atmosphere, soothing scent, and indulgent beauty experience in your bathroom.

It’s not a spa day if it’s not spent in close proximity to water. While you might not have a hot tub or swimming pool, chances are you have a bath or a shower. There are real stress-relieving benefits in taking 20 minutes to draw a bath or light a candle - and that's certainly something we could all use.

This isn't to say you need to turn your bathroom into an elaborate wellness retreat, though. A spa day at home can be as simple as popping on our Million Year Clay Purifying Biodegradable Bamboo Sheet Mask – the closest thing to magic you’ll find.

This mask has been energised with the 85 micro-nutrients found in Shilajit from the Golden Mountains of Altai. Aloe Vera and Dead Sea Salt have been expertly selected as key ingredients for this mask to help you look and feel replenished from the inside out while leaving your skin deeply purified with a youthful, luminous glow. Perfect for purifying and polishing your complexion

Bringing a dose of escapism to your beauty routine has never been easier.

That’s why our new Earth Kiss Inspirations and Super Naturals ranges of cleansing, skin-nurturing clay and biodegradable bamboo sheet masks are founded on two planet-powered star ingredients — Shilajit and Kombucha. Our Spirulina Hydrating Face Mask contains skin-plumping benefits, and Spirulina is quickly becoming the beauty industry’s hottest skincare ingredient.

The skin knows what it needs to do; certain obstacles must be removed. These obstacles can be lousy nutrition, a build-up of metabolic waste, and emotional pressure in the muscles and skin tissue, leading to stagnation and a lack of vitality.

Our mission through Earth Kiss has been to reject harmful, outdated beauty norms and foster a sense of worth via wellness-minded self-exploration. We view beauty as how we feel – rather than look – when we nurture and trust our relationship with ourselves.

It’s about finding time for that blissful ‘all about me’ moment when you feel your tired skin soaking up the rejuvenating nutrients of your favourite facial mask.

Our skin tells us a lot of information and communicates with us all the time, like when we’re tired or not drinking enough water or have food sensitivities. It’s so easy to see a bump or redness appear and want to attack it, remove it, get rid of it, or hide it. But the more you approach your skin with curiosity, patience, and tenderness; you can learn a lot. It’s important to think beyond just the surface-level expression of health to a whole-body experience.

Speaking of listening, you can now join the thousands worldwide who turn to our Earth Kiss Experience app to Mask ‘n’ Meditate. We believe that skincare is a perfect place to start improving your well-being, and you can now nourish your skin and nurture your soul with bespoke sounds to match your intentions. Why not designate a 30-minute block to pamper yourself and soak up all the stress-relieving goodness of our Earth Kiss Super Naturals Purifying Kombucha and Shiitake Sheet Mask?

Shiitake mushrooms have long been regarded as a symbol of youth and longevity in Chinese medicine. Packed with vitamins and minerals such as B6, B12, D, pantothenic acid, folate, niacin, choline, copper, zinc, manganese and selenium, all of which play an essential role in maintaining the integrity of your skin, the shiitake mushroom provides a rich source of kojic acid, which helps reduce the appearance of blotches and unwanted facial marks. When restoring balance to stressed or thirsty skin, our Kombucha and Shiitake Purifying Sheet Mask could make a noticeable improvement in the appearance of your complexion.

Don’t have a bath? No problem. Apply your body oil before stepping in the shower; the hot water and steam will create a relaxing sauna effect and allow you to breathe in all the soothing scent benefits.

Although the aroma is very personal, and your body will be drawn to what they most need, there are specific essential oils that hold properties that will naturally help your mind and body relax. The scent is key to the spa environment – for many of us, it can help trigger memories of relaxation.

Scrap the electric lights for the flicker of a few astutely placed candles. Let notes of lavender, camomile or sandalwood envelop you as soon as you step foot in your bathroom.

Whether you have dry skin, breakouts, or both, Earth Kiss Miracle Clay Hydrating Sheet Mask is a fantastic ally. Traditionally used for thousands of years as an analgesic to relieve pain and injuries, the high salicylic content of willow tree bark acts as a potent antidote to the pain, swelling and redness associated with skin sensitivity.

A natural exfoliant that is used in many treatments to promote pore-clearing and the shedding of dead skin cells, the natural hydroxy acids in willow bark combine with mineral-rich salts from the Dead Sea and the Ayurvedic wonder resin, Shilajit, to help unclog pores, and smooth the appearance of fine lines, all while hydrating your skin. The result – a radiant complexion and a luminescent glow!

So, if you’re dealing with a particularly stressful situation or looking for a way to unwind from daily life on a routine basis, creating a spa day at home can be one of the easiest and most effective ways to find peace. And whether you only do this once a month or once a year, it’s always worth spending some extra TLC time on yourself.

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