Why should you use Vegan Beauty products?

13 November 2020

Though veganism has been around for a long time, many people now, share a growing desire to lead a healthier lifestyle. We are constantly searching for new ways to take care of ourselves, to respect the planet, to reduce our environmental impact and at the same time demand higher standards in the products that we use and consume.

Vegan beauty products have come a very long way in recent years. It is now possible to find incredible variety and quality in the vegan and organic products that are available, and all at an affordable price.

So, what exactly is vegan beauty? And how does it compare to other organic alternatives? In a nutshell, vegan products mean they contain no animal by-products or animal- derived ingredients. If the products are cruelty-free, it means they have not been tested on animals in any stage of the process. Vegan skincare is better for your skin, better for the planet, and helps save animals lives. What is there not to love about it?

Using vegan beauty products has many benefits. Our bodies are designed to process natural ingredients. Just as our bodies happily digest natural plans and ingredients, our skin also happily absorbs natural ingredients well. These ingredients are high in nutrients: vitamins, minerals, antioxidants amongst other things.Those with sensitive skin find these products especially beneficial as they contain less ingredients that could aggravate the condition of the skin.

There’s an excellent reason why natural ingredients are suddenly popping up everywhere in the skin care industry. That’s because modern-day science is finally confirming what the ancient Greeks, Egyptian, Asian, and Indian health and beauty systems have always known—Nature is an alchemist and the natural world—her storehouse—provides an abundant cornucopia of reliable health, beauty remedies and solutions that are just waiting to be unearthed.

Your body and skin have an incredible capacity for self-healing and resistance to disease when supplied with the essential nutrients they need to function biochemically. So, where else would we look when creating our Earth Kiss environmentally friendly, vitamin, mineral and nutrient-rich Inspiration and Super Naturals skincare ranges, than to Mother Earth herself? Only the best is good enough for your face, so be sure to consider vegan skincare to replace your traditional skin care products.

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